Remodel or Build New
From small kitchen and bath remodels to full house renovations to new additions and new home construction, we have a team that can meet your needs. 

Remodeling involves knowledge of existing construction and building within 
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Creative Design carried out with Quality Construction is what we do. From first sketch to final clean we do it for all for you.
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It's All in the Details

Proper construction of custom details is what caused us to create Built Inc.
So many projects don't meet the expectation of the designs because of poor execution when it comes to details.

This is why we began fabricating our own woodwork, metalwork, concrete components and even apply some unique finishes at our workshop. Many builders rely on subcontractors unfamiliar with the subtle nuances of custom work.  
For the Love of the Job
One of our goals is to enjoy our work and that goes for Architects and Clients as well. Projects should be an enjoyable process for all parties involved not a battle between Architect, Client and Builder. We love what we do and others should too.  
Built Incorporated was founded on the idea that good building should be composed of great design and quality construction at an affordable price.  Whether you have an Architect and simply need the project built according to the design, or are looking for one source from start to finish you have come to the right place. 
We fabricate and install custom components in wood, steel and concrete to provide unique details that make each design an original.
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